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i have graduated high school and that was awesome. but i dont feel dif. i still feel like a kid in school just without the classes. maybe i should go to college. i know i would rock the shit out of college cuz im maaad smart and shit. i dunno. im under alot of fuckin pressure!!! i work 6 days a week and its like 'for what?'. im paying bills, rent, shiit! i wish i could win the fuckin lotto or somethin! i need abreak.

howdy ho!

my bad i haven't been here in a whiiile. but yah. today was bangin. i almost/did get/got caught in a hall sweep today. so yah me & nathon were downstairs and we were trying to get a soda but then watson came on the speaker going 'teachers lock your doors, this is a hall sweep!'. so nathons all like 'oh shit' and he starts running like a mad lesbian. so it took me a while to catch on and then i started running after him and we just had to take the 'long way' so yeah. nathon was fucking truckin down that fucking hall and i'm all like 'WAiiT!!!23$%*)$'. so yeah nathon ran and went to his class and the teacher fucking locked me out of my class. so all of a sudden mr.forbes come near the door and everyone fucking scatters like god damn roaches. so i run into ms.squares' room and i steal a little boys pass then i go back to class and me and this other dude were the only ones that didn't get saterday school. i was weak. it was fun though.


hello neighbors.
i haven't been on in a while for real.
well i got new shoes. they're black with whie polka dots on them. ahh, i have such good taste. well i realized something today. i'm fucking sexy! ooo and a couple days ago i saw my old friend josh. i haven't seen him in such a long time and it was nice. i miss hangin out with him and my other friend jeremy. baa, i miss all my old friends. but man i got my school id card today. i think it looks decent and a shitload better than last years' pic.

side note:
i look like a black girl painted white in that pic.

but yeah, i miss all my old friends. and i miss washington. and i miss my real dad [silly drunk]. my dad may have been a drunk but he was a hell of alot better than my step-dad. my dad had some respect for me and my step-dad calls me a lazy bitch everyday. ugh. k i'm cool. bye.



for the first time in a long time.
all of a sudden, i fell like i dont know what i want anymore. i'm having troubles with certain people. not a certain person but like i said, certain people. i cant understand why. i'm not the type of person that gets confused [well at least ot anymore]. usually in situations like this i would know exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. i always give people advice on how to do things or i always help people out. i never realized that if something like this ever happened to me i wouldn't be prepared. i'm thinking about the decisions i'll have to make. i've decided about one person already. the other is the one i'm not certain about.

first day at work

was exausting.
i pulled it of thought. i was a litlle shakey at first cause i knew like... nothing, but i had it down by the end of the day.i got 1.15 in tips [sucky i know] but i think i'm gonna like working there.

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i dont really feel like doing anything right noe but ii guess i decided to write a blog.

well i've been having trouble with a certain friend [or lack there of]. iono because she did something that i am against and i cant decide whether to take her back as a friend or leave her be. i dont think i should because now i know i cant trust her.


i'm so effin


i dont know why! maybe it's all this happy music. i'm listening to a bunch of my music right now and whenever i listen to my music i just get all happy for no reason. right now i'm all happy and i'm all in a typi. OMG my favorite part of my favorite song just came on. they get all high pitched they're all happy like little japanese singers should be! gosh i'm in such a great mood. plus i just downloaded two songs, on limewire. oooh a new song has just started, i dont feel like listening to that one so i shall change it. uh oh!! i'm listening to pink killer from dir en grey. dir en grey is such a great band. if you dont like jrock your fucking insane. like you'd have to be... fucking insane to not like jrock.

side note:
jrock is a rising genre in music *DO-DO-DO* [the more you know].

now i'm listening to gwen stefani! GO! look at your watch now. your still a super hot female. you've got your million dollar contract. and they're all waiting on your hot track. dude i'm so happy. i feel like sneaking out of my house and hanging out at wal-mart! oh no! i'm listing to overdose from hurt. this song is depressing but i do like the vocals in it. i have now changed the song to last call by mae. this is a really good song in my opinion! but you know what i feel like listening to? ALICE IN CHAINS -- THEM BONES! kthanx for reading you valued fucking readers!


it's fuckin 12:18 in the the god damned morning. i'm so fucking tired yoh. why the fuck am i on the computer yoh?! i wanna go to sleep but i'm... on the fucking computer yoh. OMG OMFG. BRB. ok i'm back. dude, my step dad just like totally came out of his room to check up on me. he hates me i swear. he hates me just like i hate pads.

side note:
they're fucking gross!

well it's now 12:29...12:30. dude, i'm hiding my lap-top under my covers so i wont get caught by my step. i'm so fucking pathetic man. i'm uploading a pic on myspace. score, i'm cool. omfb man, i'm soo lonley. it's fuckin 12:33 in the morning and nobody's talking to me. i'm so fucking alone man. this shits not funny. i wish i had an imaginary friend right now.



was a great day! [even though my mom woke me up at 6 because she thought it was friday].

well besides the mommy mix-up, today was pretty ok. i woke up [later on] at 9:oo and i missed brandon a bunch [i didn't even get to talk to him the night before or hear him say goodnight]. so i decided to call him and then i got online for a while. so he decided to go out somewhere so i got ready and his mom picked me up. later on we went to the drug store [his mother bought me tampons (i was S00 embarassed)]. well after we did some other stuff we went back to his hous and we just chilled there [Super fun (i love my boyfriend)]. then we went out to eat. a very awesome chinese resturant, fermosa, satisfied my hungrr. then we went to party city and it was fun. we played around with all their stuff [i wanna be a geisha this year]. speaking of geisha's, i totally want some gummi bears right now.

well i came home and emptied all the tampons out of my purse and put them in the back of my cabinet [my mom doesn't like me using tampons].

side note:
i personally think use tampons cause they're a whole shitload better than pads. plus [this is the numero uno reason for me] they are so fucking hygenic! with pads everything is just sitting there and rubbing around on your... uh junk. tampons are clean, comfortable, and fucking better!

back to the topic. i came home and got online and here i am!. kthanx for reading you fucking fans!