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I'm lorena. i'm very artistic but i gave up. i'm a hot dancer. i'm currently doing awesome in school. i'm very proud of myself this year. i'm in a relationship with an amazing man. i very random. i'm not afraid to speak my mind. i might be getting a job soon [horray (i need one)]. i'm usually a very upbeat person, unless i'm not feeling good. even when i dont feel good i try to keep my head high. i dont do drugs but at times i do drink [but not much]. i wonder if you know how they live in tokyo, if you've seen it then you mean it then you know you have to go. FAST AND FURIOUS! dip dip dip!
animals, art, being furious and fast, books, cheesecake, chocolate covered cheesecake, color, computers, dancing, def jams, diversity, dreams, eating food, ecalog?, fashion, fire-trucks, friends, funny faces, graham-cracker cheesecake, hugs, internet, jiggling, lots of make-up, lovee, make-up, music music music music, my spinnin rims!, not being a loser, photography, reading, scratching, taco bell, video games, writing